If you're into gross medical pictures, feel free to click on.

Remember back in 2005, right before JT dropped Futuresex/Lovesounds ...when he had surgery on his vocal cords? Yeah, me neither.

I remember thinking that his voice sounded a little bit different on SexyBack. Was it the modulation of his voice...or his voice by itself? That's when I read up on the surgery that he had recently had on his vocal cords.

He had what's called a "nodulectomy," which is the removal of non-cancerous growths on the vocal cords. The growths are like callouses and develop after over-use of your voice, and can actually make your voice sound different.

About ten years ago, I noticed that my voice was a MESS. I was losing it after a night of talking loudly at bar events for our radio station. If you watch one of our older videos below, you can hear how hoarse I was.

I finally went in to see an ear/nose/throat specialist, who put a camera up my nose and down my throat and took pictures...and found that I, too, had nodules.

If you're wondering what they look like, feel free to click through the photos. Quality isn't great but you can definitely see where the nodules were. Yes, those are my vocal cords.

I had the surgery to remove them and I couldn't talk for two weeks. It's very scary to lose your voice, especially when it's what you use to make a living. I went through a couple of years of speech therapy to re-learn how to speak without straining my cords.

I still get sore throats a LOT. It's possible that they could grow back, but after re-training my voice, I think I'm past that point. But it doesn't surprise me that Justin Timberlake is still having problems with his.

Needless to say, I can't IMAGINE what it's like for artists like Justin and Adele to have the same problems WHEN THEY SING FOR A LIVING. I feel for anybody who has ever dealt with this. Feel better, JT! Rest dem cords!



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