If you like gross, disgusting, fascinating medical videos, here's a doozy for ya.

I was out for the last week to have sinus surgery. I've had sinus infections and migraines for the last ten years pretty non-stop, and my doctor thought that surgery would be the way to go.

Last Thursday, I went to Genesys for seven different procedures including septoplasty (repairing a deviated septum), turbinate reduction, sinus surgery, etc. I can firmly say that the recovery for this was worse than childbirth, but I'm already breathing better, so it seems to have been worth it.

Yesterday, I went back to my ENT so he could remove the stents that were placed in my nose during surgery. I had watched other people do it on YouTube, so I knew what to expect. Pat, on the other hand, had NOT seen it done before, and he was...well, shocked. And intrigued. As my sister said, "Your nose gave birth! Are they fraternal twins?"

Who knew that there was SO MUCH ROOM up in there, amirite?

So, here's my own gross medical video. You're welcome. Now, go eat lunch. ;)

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