Princess will be walking on all four paws soon, thanks to the generosity of others.

You may have already heard the story about Princess, the dog who was brought into Lapeer County animal control from a home that contained 10 malnourished, abused dogs.

Officers were investigating a complaint of animal cruelty at the 78-year-old man's house, when he then shot two adult dogs in front of the officers. They found 10 puppies at the home, and took them in to be treated.

All of the puppies were put up for adoption except for Princess, who had a severe injury to her hind leg. Animal control was asking for donations to her surgery, which would cost upwards of $3,000.

After the donations started to come in, they did surgery on her and a veterinarian managed to save her leg.

Nice work to EVERYBODY on this case! Can't wait to see where Princess ends up!

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