A video making its way around the internet is a great example of just how quickly things can go bad when drivers make sudden -- and stupid -- moves near tractor-trailers.

Keep your eye on the green Ford Focus which appears about :10 seconds into this trucker's dash-cam video. The driver goes from the far left lane to the exit lane on the right side of the freeway, unaware that a truck is in the exit lane. A moment after slamming into the rear of that vehicle, she is struck by they semi whose driver is recording the video.

The website Car Scoops reports that 25-year-old Jasmien Claeys miraculously survived the accident. The woman says she was in a coma for a while, but is now "recovering exceptionally well."

My wife's oldest son brought this video to my attention. He -- and we -- have gotten quite an education about the dangers of tangling with tractor trailers in the five years he's been driving. As I've heard many times, and as you'll see in the video below, they are nothing to mess with. Seriously.

- George McIntyre
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