There's quite a few local races, proposals, and millages to vote for today. 

First and foremost, click HERE to find out where your local polling location is. Can't vote if you don't know where to go, right?

Second, here are the seats that are up for grabs today:

Flint Mayor

18 candidates, including current Mayor Karen Weaver, are on the ballot. The recall election is being held after the controversy surrounding the city's garbage contract last year.

Flint City Council

17 candidates are running for seats in eight of the city's nine wards, except for the ninth ward. Eva Worthing is the only candidate for that particular ward.

Fenton Mayor 

Incumbent Mayor Sue Osborn, who has been serving since 1998, is being challenged by two candidates: Cherie C. Smith and Kurt Wilkinson.

Fenton City Council

David McDermott and Scott Grossmeyer are up against  Donald Bancroft, Sean Sage, and Tracy A. Bottecelli for three four-year council seats.

Burton City Council

There are two races on the ballot in Burton today - one of them is for three, four-year terms and the other will fill a partial term seat.

Clio City Commission 

Bonnie S. Bare, David J. Fejedemlem, Doug Vance, David R. Williams Jr. and challenger Cynthia Promenchenkel are all running for four seats that carry four-year terms.

There are also several millage and bond proposals on the ballots today, which you can read about HERE. 

Now, get out and rock that vote!

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