If hanging out by the pool with friends and family has been the highlight of those warm weather months we have the perfect cool weather escape that won't require a plane ride. Even better, taking a winter plunge not only offers an unforgettable experience but also contributes to a remarkable cause.

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We've told you about Swimply, the service that will let you rent pools. The concept is easy...think Airbnb for swimming pools. Swimply is an app that lets homeowners lease their pools hourly. The whole idea is a win-win for renters and owners alike, but one rental makes it a huge win for those with autism.

Indoor Baltic Bliss in Burton Gives Back

Listed on Swimply as "Year Round Baltic Bliss", this saltwater pool can be used with its retractable ceiling during cold and warm months. Perfect to use as a therapeutic pool, guests can also enjoy as well.

Making it the perfect place to entertain with friends for a party or just a winter escape, there is a 600 sq ft dining room for eating. Guests will also find a bathroom & shower area attached to the pool. As if this all doesn't sound like pure heaven alone, it's what happens when you rent this sweet oasis that makes it something truly special.

The pool's owner Lisa Gatica Sain told us that the idea of Baltic Bliss was born out of love for her son and wanting to help give a special place for those with autism. In her search for resources for families of adults with autism like her son, she created  Autism Home Network,  a non-profit organization that helps provide necessities, therapeutic opportunities, and recreational opportunities to individuals with severe & profound autism.

The AHN works with a specialty home Sain also created called PALS.

"PALS Place (an acronym for my son and I: Preston And Lisa Sain). It is very unique and the first home in our county to specialize in caring for young adults with severe & profound autism. I started this because my son was abused in other group homes. Yes, homeS…. More than one. My worst nightmare", she told us. "The pool “Baltic Bliss” Was built with Pals group home clients in mind, most people with autism love swimming/water play."

When Swimply came along Sain decided to use the oasis as a way to support the organizations that meant so much to her. Sain uses 100% of the proceeds from rentals to support AHN. She also offers discounted rates for people with autism to have private swims.

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Pricing starts at just $92 per hour for up to 20 guests, with additional fees for more additional people. You can check out this saltwater oasis below, and book your winter getaway here. 

So, why not make a splash with a purpose? Book this remarkable indoor pool oasis today and be a part of something truly special. Your fun at Baltic Bliss doesn't just create memories, it helps support an amazing community program. Take a look at Baltic Bliss below.

Escape the Winter Blues Renting This Burton Indoor Pool Oasis

If hoping a plane to the tropics isn't part of your winter plans, we've found the perfect alternative right here in Genesee County. This saltwater oasis comes with a hot tub, dining area, bathroom, and shower. It's the perfect way to escape the cold, if even for a few hours. Perfect for summer fun too with it's retractable roof. You can rent is now on Swimply. Take a look!

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