I'm a big fan of sharing things that will make everybody feel more "normal," so if going number two offends you, just stop reading right meow.

I was SO HAPPY to read this and I hope that you are, too...having to suddenly go poop when you're out shopping is actually a REAL THING.

There are a bevvy of Reddit forums about places that people have had a movement in public, but one of the most common is department stores. I thought that this was something that only I experienced - I've lost track of how many times I've had to anxiously track down a bathroom at the mall. 

For a lot of people, the store of choice seems to be Target. *raises hand* Guilty as charged.

Apparently, there are actually people who will GO to their favorite store when they're backed up to get things moving, for that reason only. No shopping required.  

Experts say that it could be the anxiety of shopping and spending money that gets the bowels worked up; the brisk walking could also be a factor. Others say that it's the smell of said store.

Whatever it is, don't worry - if it happens to you, you're totally normal. And we can all rejoice in THAT

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