Frankenmuth, Michigan is widely known for its Little Bavaria and Holiday appeal. Heck, in addition to fantastic Kern's Sausage, Mackinac Fudge Shops and a great brewery, they even have heated sidewalks in part of the city. That's always a plus in a cold Michigan winter.

Does Frankenmuth, Michigan have a heated shuttle to get around town?

Weekend trips around Frankenmuth just got better for the holiday shopping & hanging-out-with-friends season. Each weekend (Friday through Sunday) there's a Christmas Shuttle. Also known as, a heated sleigh to get you from ice skating & chicken dinner to an adult beverage and shopping at places with "haus" in the name... all around town.


What are the hours of operation for Frankenmuth's Christmas Shuttle?

Each Friday & Saturday the Frankenmuth Christmas Shuttle runs from 11am-9pm and Sunday's 11am-7pm. Unfortunately, it doesn't run the entire winter season -- that would be nice--especially during Snowfest in January. You'll only be able to take advantage of the shuttle until the Sunday before Christmas, annually. That said, at least you get a small reprieve from bitter cold winds forming icicles on your eye lashes while wandering around the city doing all the fun things.

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Reading through the comments on Frankenmuth's Facebook page reminds me how much Michiganders take advantage of the city being so close. Not enough people make time to visit, IMO. It's a great place to go for a staycation or romantic getaway (they even have horse drawn carriage rides). Perhaps some think it's too tourist-y, but I think you'll find otherwise.

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