A "Trump Man" just got busted for taking a dump in a Biden supporter's yard.

Arguing over politics has officially gone too far.  In 2020, Michigan had a group of Trump supporters that planned to kidnap and execute Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  And we can't forget the insurrection on our Nation's capitol on January 6th.  Just when we think things might get better this crappy situation in Ohio happens.

Last Sunday morning around 3:15 A.M. a 70-year-old man in Greenville, Ohio allegedly committed a turd degree felony.  He is being accused of showing his neighbor what brown could do for him (sorry UPS) over politics.  The suspect, Jerry Detrick, proudly confessed according to a police report obtained by thesmokinggun.com.  Greenville Police Sergeant Marion stated in his report that not only did the suspect confess to dumping in this person's yard on multiple occasions, he even explained why,

Jerry also stated he does it because the residents at 614 N. Broadway Street are democrats and support Joe Biden and he stated he was a "Trump Man."

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This appears to be both a crime connected to politics as well as a crime of convenience.  The suspect frequently passes the Biden supporting neighbor on his way to and from Danny's Bar.  Many nights on his walk home from the bar he delivers a #1 or a #2 when he can.  That's awful thoughtful of him.

On this night, Jerry was caught brown handed by the home owner Matthew Guyette.  Matthew called 9-1-1 in the hopes of putting a cork in this problem.  The serial pooper is facing a misdemeanor charge of littering.  That's it?  Littering?  Something doesn't smell right about that charge.

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