Donna's Donuts of Flint looks marvelous for 50.

Donna's Donuts has been in business for a half of a century on Bristol Road and we are all thankful. If you want to test this theory out, bring a box of mixed  donuts from Donna's Donuts into work and see how fast you make friends. When other donut places move into town, you can always count on Donna's to be the winner in the donut battle. The drool inducing freshly made donuts use local ingredients and still stick to the original family recipes. When you bite into a Donna's Donut, you are tasting a Flint staple.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am a huge fan of Donna's. If anyone wants to bring me a box of glazed twists I would've be mad at ya! Happy birthday Donna's Donuts, we love you! Maybe a little too much.

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