Another week, another business expanding in Downtown Flint, Michigan. Recently, it was announced Tom Z Famous Flint Coney Island would get a second chance at life in the next several months. And Flint Township has a new business in the process of being built near Miller & Linden roads not far from Genesee Valley Center. These are great news for a community rebounding from economic issues, especially following the pandemic.

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What is the new donut shop in Downtown Flint, Michigan?

Now, welcome a new expansion in Downtown Flint -- a new location: Blueline Donuts at Carriage Town Ministries.

What are the hours of operation for Blueline Donuts in Downtown Flint, MI?

They're in a new building at 604 Garland Street and even have a takeout window. According to their Facebook information, they're open Tuesday through Friday 7am-12 noon. Of course, they have hot coffee to go along with their fresh donuts, too.

What does Blueline Donuts do with Carriage Town Ministries in Flint?

Not only will you get great-tasting donuts & coffee at Blueline, but your purchase goes toward a wonderful cause. From their website:

"Blueline Donuts is a social enterprise business with a mission of providing low-barrier transitional employment to chronically homeless men and women who have made an affirmative decision to turn their life around. Blueline Donuts launched in January of 2017 and has steadily grown to become a retail/wholesale supplier of donuts and bagels to the people of Flint and Genesee County."

Can I donate trade skills or money to Blueline Donuts mission?

There are a few ways to help grow Blueline Donuts & Carriage Town Ministries mission:

  • Buy a donut or lots of donuts
  • Become a wholesale account
  • Offer up your baking skills to help train those turning their lives around

Congratulations to Carriage Town Ministries for helping people in our community grow... even get a second chance at life.

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