Flint-Style Coney Island is a really big deal. Arguably the best version of a coney anywhere in the world. "Runny chili-dog" isn't my idea of a good meal. And the Flint-Style Coney has better flavor than most diners or restaurants, too. Must be that Koegel's hot dog inside.

What are the popular coney island places in Flint, MI?

Of course, Angelo's is a popular coney spot. Halo Burger sells Flint-Style with Koegel's hot dogs, too. There's been one legendary place in Downtown Flint over the years...and it's making a return in a new way -- Tom Z's Flint Original Coney Island

Photo Credit Google Street View
Photo Credit Google Street View

The former owner of Tom Z's Flint Original Coney Island retired a few years ago after running the business over two decades. Enter restaurant businessman, Tony Vu, with a plan to revive the business.

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According to Crains Detroit Business, Vu has purchased the former Tom Zs building off Court Street, Downtown Flint. He plans to renovate and re-open in the next year or less. That's not all he's up to, though.

Will there be a food hall in Flint, MI? What is a food hall?

Vu has been involved in the Flint Farmers' Market with his teaching kitchen. It helps minorities and women learn techniques and business operations in a real-life setting. Pop-up events are how they build cooking, serving, business acumen while serving great food and helping the community.

Perhaps you've heard of Flint Social Club? It's been around a couple of years. And Vu plans to expand into a food hall. We don't have anything like that around Genesee County, and I promise, you'll love it. (Take a look at one named Mother Road Market in Tulsa, OK). The concept allows various local food vendors a place to cook/prepare food and a common, giant dining hall. Plus, enough space for other local vendors.

Here's a clip on how to prepare a version of Flint-Style Coney Sauce:

It's exciting to see this type of passion for the people of Downtown Flint, Genesee County and of course, great cuisine.

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