Donna's Donuts is a Flint favorite, and after a longer than expected closure for construction, they are officially back open.

Near the end of December, Donna's closed to do some repairs and upgrades to their store. The closure was supposed to be a short span over the holidays, but things did not go as planned. There were bumps in the road as they worked hard to get the renovations done, and opening day finally happened on Sunday the 31st.

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I think I need to put some context around this for you.

Donna's Donuts is part of so many peoples morning routine. They have been a staple in Genesee County for years, and they have an amazingly loyal customer base. Just to give you an idea, we would have people calling the radio station every single morning to give us an update on if they were open yet or not.

Donna's has done a great job keeping their customers updated on their Facebook page, and everyone was excited when they saw the above post this weekend.

It's a crazy coincidence that the opening day happened right around the time that the MDHHS allowed for restaurants to be open.  I feel like it's important to remind everyone that the Donna's closure had nothing to do with the pandemic. The timing just worked out so that the reopening happened a day before the state allowed restaurants to reopen.

I know that everyone at Donna's is thrilled to be able to open their doors again, and they are even more excited for Paczki season. I'd be willing to bet that their morning customers are just as happy to have their favorite donuts back.


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