With three generations of creating  the sweetest morning aroma in Flint, Donna's Donuts is a community fixture like no other.  This month owner Alicia Gibbons is set on giving back to the area that has supported her business for years. The iconic shop is partnering with Financial Plus Credit Union for this years Pink Night Palooza Bake Sale on Friday, September 27th.

Donna's has solidified itself as a piece of history in the Flint area and is a huge part of Alicia's family.  Gibbons grandparents, Sue and Dave Deering, purchased the Bristol Rd.  shop from the original owners back in the 60's.  After 34 years in business, her grandparents passed the torch  to Sue’s son and Alicia’s father, John Gibbons, who took over operations in 2003. In 2013 when she was just 20 years old, her father died suddenly Alicia took over the family business.

We chatted with Gibbons recently about the landmark shop that is a frequent morning meeting place for regulars. With the current ongoing UAW strike it's a place to rest, gather, recharge and reflect on the history of General Motors with the "old timers" discussing how things were, and how they can be. Some will say that during Donna's history there have been deals made and agreements met sitting around those tables over some hot coffee and donuts.

As for the future, Gibbons sees no end in sight for the place that's filled with family and friends. She is looking to expand and grow the sweetest place in town for generations to come.

Join Donna's Donuts and Financial Plus Credit Union Friday, September 27th starting at 9am at FPCU's  Van Slyke location along with Lisa Marie from Cars 108. All proceeds will benefit Hurley's Breast Cancer Navigation Program.

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