Schools these days seem a lot less tolerant of things than they were in my day. We were required to wear slacks and ties and the girls had plaid uniforms, but there seldom was a problem with students violating their school's dress code. But this week 17-year-old Zachary Aufderheide was growing his hair to donate to the "Locks of Love" charity and it got him thrown out of Canton South High School in Ohio.

Aufderheide was growing his hair so that it could be used for wigs for children who suffer hair loss from medication or chemotherapy. The school however has a dress code that prohibits long hair on boys and he is suspended until he agrees to get it cut.

I'm all for school rules and discipline, but I think there has to be an element of common sense applied too! The length of his hair certainly should not be a problem that required suspension. It beats having to wear a tie everyday!



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