Locks of Love

Growing Hair For Charity Gets Teen Suspended From School
Schools these days seem a lot less tolerant of things than they were in my day. We were required to wear slacks and ties and the girls had plaid uniforms, but there seldom was a problem with students violating their school's dress code. But this week 17-year-old Zachary Aufderheide was growing his h…
Flint Student Grows Hair For Charity; Gets Suspended
One Flint student just got suspended from school over the length of his hair. 17-year-old J.T. Gaskins is a leukemia survivor who wanted to donate his hair to Locks of Love, but school officials at Madison Academy say his hair length is a violation of school policy, according to The Detroit News.
Flint-Area Girl Rocks Community Service Programs
Eight-year-old Rose Muennix from Flint is no ordinary eight-year-old. Rose has been named a semifinalist in the 2011 search for Huggable Heroes, and is one of 75 young leaders recognized and honored by Build-A-Bear Workshop for helping make their communities and world a better place.