Now, the girl who was having the asthma attack and borrowed the inhaler has also been suspended.

Indiyah Rush and Alexis Kyle, both Schrade Middle School students in Texas, have both been penalized for the inhaler incident. Indiyah allowed Alexis to use her albuterol inhaler during gym class after seeing that she was struggling to breathe. Both girls, who are A-B students, will be sent to an alternative school for 30 days, according to the district.

Their actions are considered to be "sharing a controlled substance."

Both sets of parents are appealing the school's decision.

AJ has had asthma ever since she was pregnant with our son, and seeing her struggle to breathe is one of the scariest things in the world. I would hope that somebody would allow her to use their inhaler if she was without it in an emergency. Talk about overreaction on the part of the school!