Second story this week out of Michigan with an animal/family reunion!

Berkley, Michigan native Jenny Billingsley moved to Tennessee with her mom last year. After the death of her father, she found that neither she or her sick mother could give their 9-year-old mini-schnauzer Bonnie Belle the attention that she needed. They'd had her since she was a puppy from a Port Huron breeder.

Jenny gave her to a family friend, who then claimed that Bonnie "snapped" at her husband a couple of months later. They then gave Bonnie to somebody else and Jenny has been unable to get in touch with her new owners.

Fast forward to October 22nd - a mini schnauzer was found at a Texas truck stop. The dog's picture was posted all over rescue pages on Facebook, and word got to Jenny. She confirmed that the dog is, in fact, Bonnie Belle.

She had the same collar and bed with her that she did when Jenny had to give her up; she even had a Halloween bow on her collar, which makes Jenny think that a trucker may have been caring for her.

Jenny is meeting up with a rescue in Oklahoma this weekend to reunite with Bonnie Belle and take her back to Tennessee.

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