Last year Hamilton Community Health Network was awarded a $1 million grant to fight crime in Flint neighborhoods. The grant came from the US Department of Justice's Breau of Justice Assistance. The grant that was awarded was a three-year grant, and now Hamilton Community Health Network is developing a plan to put that money to good use.

Sandra Johnson the project manager says the main focus is on community-based crime reduction. They are relying heavily on neighborhood associations and block clubs to tell them what their needs are. They will work with law enforcement, local administration, and other community partners to dissect the data given to them, then best decide the next steps.

They are also looking closely at what is causing the crime in Flint neighborhoods. Whether it is blight, poverty, mental illness, or other reasons they need to know what the causes are so they can help put an end to it.

After April of 2019 when the planning year wraps up, they will put the new plan into action. One of the programs they have already started is the Community Clean Up project scheduled for this Saturday. You can get details on Community Clean Up here. 

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