People have always named their cars "Ole Bessy," "Jimmy" or "Gertrude..." you get the idea. Before 2016 did we, as a society, name industrial-type vehicles and equipment? In my head, "Boaty McBoatface" was the first -- the chosen name for a British Long Range Autosub after a social media contest. They call it "Boaty" for short.

Turns out, snowplows are worthy of names, too. These aren't like any name you'd  give a car.

Who named Midland, MI snowplows with funny names?

Midland, MI held a 2022 "Name the Plow" contest which resulted in, around, 300 total names and over 3,000 votes from the community. According to the City of Midland, MI government website, this is the first time they've named their plows. There was even a "parade" to reveal the names and celebrate plow drivers for the city.

My favorite is how Katie Guyer and Mellissa Farley host the parade -- complete with a police escort leading the line.

What are the winning names of Midland, Michigan's Snowplows?

The winning names are professionally lettered on each truck. Here they are, in order of most votes received:

  • "Clear-o-path-ra" - submitted by Darrell Weisenberger & Kent Sypniewski
  • "Ron Brrrgandy" - submitted by Charlie Ciarkowski (In the video Mellissa can be heard asking "Do you think the cab smells like rich Mohagany?")
  • "Grace A. Plow" - submitted by Kelly DeRees is a play on the founder of Dow Chemical's wife, Grace A. Dow.
  • "Scoop Dogg" - submitted by Jennifer Decker, Natalie Rana, and Melissa Farley
  • "Blizzard Lizard" - submitted by Frank Kothbauer
  • "The Big LePLOWski" - submitted by Chris Lewinski and Melissa Richmond. (Great play on a great movie -- they even have variations of "Dude" ready for nicknames.)
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Seems like we, collectively, need to get more creative with our own vehicle names.

The rest of Michigan names snowplows, too:

Michigan's 299 Snowplows Get the Cutest Names Ever

The Michigan Department of Transportation has revealed the winning names assigned to each of its snowplows throughout the state.
Here they are, sorted by region.

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