Sometimes, good things can come out of a tragedy, and this is definitely one of them.

Last night, a group of students from Hill-McCloy High School held a fundraiser at Carie's Caboose, an ice cream shop in Montrose. They were raising money for a headstone for their friend, Brandon Tyree.

Brandon, an 18-year-old senior at Hill-McCloy, committed suicide on May 20th, just a few weeks before graduating from high school.

His friends Devin Quast, Tristan Rodgers, Logan Rhyndress, Tanner Ruiz, Max Groulx, Jimmy Viar, Ronnie Heystek and Justin Grzemkowski Jr. helped to put together the fundraiser, which was also for suicide prevention awareness.

To me, anybody being SELFLESS nowadays is not just good news, but GREAT news. A fine group of young men here.

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