There isn't a better season to celebrate the Red, White, & Blue than summer, and one of the area's warm weather hot spots is bringing back a special event that's all American in a big way.

Uncle Ray's Dairyland in Fenton has a treat in store for kids in the area that is all about showing their love for the country. They've teamed up once again with the VFW Post 3243 and are bringing the 'I Pledge Project' to Fenton in honor of Flad Day.

On Friday, June 14th, Flag Day 2024, Uncle Ray's Dairyland will reward children in the area with a sweet treat for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance from memory. Kids age 12 and younger who can recite the pledge will receive a free small ice cream sundae or $3 off a treat and a free round of mini golf according to Uncle Ray's Facebook post.

The special event is a special way to show civic pride and is offered in conjunction with the VFW Post 3243 and is becoming quite the tradition. According to reports one of the last Flag Day events saw more than 600 kids proudly recite the pledge and score a special treat.

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The all-American celebration takes place June 14th starting from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm at the popular ice cream spot on Leroy Street.  As part of the patriotic celebration, the Fenton Marching Band will be kicking things off with the Star Spangled Banner, followed by a Military Salute by members of the VFW.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about the significance of the flag while indulging in some summer sweetness. Join the gang at Uncle Ray's Dairyland for this heartwarming event and make Flag Day unforgettable with a scoop of joy.

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