The classes will continue, even as the weather cools off this fall.

Marquita Adams is the owner of Harambee Wellness, LLC. She was born and raised in Flint and, according to the bio on her website, "only ran if my life was in danger."  She says that she was tired of being overweight and was ready to lose it to prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Adams started Zumba classes in 2008 which she loved so much that she earned the nickname "The Zumba Diva." In 2011, she took on the task of teaching her OWN fitness classes and founded Harambee Wellness, LLC.

The mission of Harambee is "cultivating a community of people collectively pulling together to encourage and support one another their personal wellness journey. We provide built-in accountability that helps you to achieve your goals. No matter where you start, the Harambee Tribe encourages, motivates, supports one another."

Adams says that she wants fitness to be attainable and available to everybody, which is why she offers FREE classes in downtown Flint on Wednesday nights at Brush Park (where the FLINT letters are).

The program is called Get Fit in Flint and she was hosting it virtually for a while when the pandemic hit. Now, she hosts them at Brush Park with a live DJ. Workouts are a mix of cardio, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and weight conditioning.

She also hosts healthy events for kids, such as Healthy and Active Kids day. This is happening on Saturday, September 26th at the Berston Fieldhouse on Saginaw Street.

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