Exercise Improves Memory In Older Adults
There is an old joke that the first thing you lose as you get older is your memory. That might in fact be true, but a new study says there are ways to combat that memory loss with one simple step: exercise!
Two Minutes To A Great Workout?
The late night advertisements for fitness products that will change the life of the fat and lazy by making them slim and energetic with a minimal amount of effort, is something we've all seen. Now, we here tell that there really might be a hope for such a product.
Is Your Desk Making You Dumber?
It's everyone's dream, to have a desk job with a corner office.  Well it seems your desk may be hurting your memory. What was I talking about again? Oh yea! Desks or something.
How Often Do You Exercise? (Survey)
Over the past few years I've become a regular at Hurley Health & Fitness Center. I was never really into working out until I saw the additional weight I was putting on as I got older. I changed my habits, but most of America didn't. Now, there is a new study which claims that most American exercise patterns haven't changed much since 2008.
Nintendo Wii Doesn’t Really Help Kids Exercise
My youngest son is a "Gamer". For those of you who are not aware of the term, it applies to kids who "seriously" play video games. By "seriously" I mean that they spend an inordinate amount of time playing. For some kids it absorbs their life. Others find a way to blend it in with the real world, but still invest a lot of time playing. One of kids newest tools to conv
The Truth About ‘Before’ & ‘After’ Photos [VIDEO]
If you've ever wondered if those 'before' and 'after' pics in diet ads are real, wonder no more. This guy demonstrates how it really is possible to transform from having a body like mine, to one like Stu Allen's in as little as five hours.  Although in the event of a famine, I'll have plenty of reserve to live on, and all the skinny people will be screwed. So there!
Help With Resolution #1 – Getting In Shape!
Studies say that losing weight and getting in shape are the most common resolutions that people make every year. I'm a four year member of Hurley Health & Fitness Center and I really do enjoy most of my time at the gym and up on the track, but not everybody feels that way. If you ...

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