Temperatures at the 116th running of the Boston Marathon reached the mid 80's today, and made for tough going for everybody. Flushing's Mark Bauman, 62, finished his 43rd consecutive Boston Marathon in a time of 6:27:18. It was by far his slowest time, but even the Kenyan runners were slowed by the heat.

Kenya's Wesley Korir was the Men's winner with a time of 2:12:40. Sharon Cherop of Kenya was the Women's winner at 2:31:50. They were the slowest winning times at Boston since 1985.

Flint-area runners also struggled, but most chose to battle the elements anyway. Here are the local results:

Dave Wolbert, 52 of Flint 3:14:25
Nicole Falvo, 37 of Grand Blanc 3:28:42
Lisa Veneziano, 47 of Fenton 3:38:51
Matt Wallace, 20 of Fenton 3:51:05
Larry Gutierrez, 51 of Fenton 3:55:20
Michael Pennala, 50 of Fenton 4:03:04
Bill Khan, 49 of Grand Blanc 4:42:46
Kristina Chandler, 33 of Owosso 4:44:49
Brian Francis, 50 of Fenton 5:25:01
Jan Wallen, 71 of Flushing 6:17:34

Boston race officials offered runners a deferral if they chose not to run in the extreme conditions, and many took them up on it. Others attempted to run but dropped out.

I have had the good fortune to have run Boston on 4 different occasions. It's a tough run on a good day. Congrats to all who made it to the finish line.