The Friends of the Flint River Trail will begin their Sunday bike rides on May 6th starting at 2 pm at the Flint Farmer's Market. The rides will continue every Sunday afternoon until October. Destinations of the rides include trips to Bluebell Beach, Stepping Stone Falls and several other local points of interest.

The rides are family-friendly at a pace that riders of all experience levels can enjoy. Shorter rides will be available for new riders and those with smaller children.

Riders are strongly encouraged to wear helmets. They are also encouraged to see to it that their bikes are in good working condition. Sweepers will follow up riders to help with mechanical problems.

The Friends of the Flint River Trail are affiliated with the Flint River Watershed Coalition. To find out more, visit:

The Flint River Trail is one of the hidden recreational gems of our area, waiting for you to discover it's beauty. As you pedal along, you'll be amazed at what you'll see along the way. In a good way.

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