A warning to pass along to everybody, including your loved ones battling addiction.

Yesterday, the Flint Police Operations Facebook page posted a status about a "bad batch" of heroin that is circulating around Genesee County. They reported having 12 overdoses in just three hours, one of which was fatal.

The post reads:

PSA: There is a batch of heroin in Genesee County that is bad. There have been over 12 overdoses in the last 3 hours, including at least one that was fatal. EMS crews are having a hard time keeping up. If you know someone who used heroin, please advise them to stay away from any heroin they have bought recently. If you use heroin, we strongly advise you to not use anything you have bought recently. #GeneseeCounty

Just in case you didn't think that we have a problem here in our own backyards, case in point. If you have a loved one who is dealing with an addiction, don't forget that YOU, too, are dealing with it. Families Against Narcotics is a great, local group that can help. Click HERE for information about meetings and how YOU can get involved.

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