WARNING: photos are graphic, but an important reminder about getting your skin checked out. 

A friend of mine from my Crim training group posted these pictures to her Facebook yesterday and gave me permission to share it anonymously. She brings up such an important reminder to get your skin checked out regularly.

Her husband gave himself a haircut and his mom, who is a beautician, pointed out an unusual spot on his head. My friend, who's a nurse, mentioned that he should get it checked out immediately.

And thank goodness he has these ladies in his life - when he went to the doctor, he found out that it was skin cancer.

He had a basal cell carcinoma removed from his head. The cut was so deep, they almost had to consult with a plastic surgeon.

A graphic, but good reminder to have any freckles, moles and/or unusual spots checked out. Thank you for sharing!

via Facebook
via Facebook

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