For all of the bad things and bad people on Facebook, sometimes, wonderful things happen because of it.

Facebook user and Michigander Nathan Johnson posted a passionate, deeply personal plea on his Facebook page on Sunday evening - his brother, Trent, was in a serious car accident near Jackson. In the midst of the chaos that followed, Trent's beloved dog Charlie ran away from the car and didn't come back.

Trent made it to Henry Ford for treatment but was very worried about Charlie.

My brother,Trent Enyart, was in a fairly serious car accident on US127 south about 5 miles north of Jackson. During the chaos of the accident, his dog Charlie got loose and ran off. Trent was taken to Henry Ford Hospital and is doing well but is frantic about his missing dog.*apparently she is not wearing a collar nor is she chipped.* Charlie is very sweet but quite timid. If you have any information regarding Charlie, please message me.
The original Facebook post was shared over 20,000 times, and that's when the magic of social media kicked in - Charlie was found, safely. And Nathan attributes this great news directly to social media.
*****Charlie HAS been found***the internet is an amazing thing. The original post was shared over 20,000 times!
See? This is how social media is used CORRECTLY, for the greater good. And it worked! We're so happy for Trent, his brother and Charlie. Hopefully now, he gets her microchipped! Thanks for coming together, Facebook.
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