A popular hangout for nurses from Hurley has been shut down, so this guy had a great idea.

His name is Rick Robart, and this is what he posted on Facebook:

So... the Hurley nurses like to hit the Whitehorse after work to grab a bite to eat and have a couple beers after saving babies all night. Then this Covid thing hits and they have to shut the Horse down!! That don't stop these nurses though.... Jack comes home and tells me they still go up there and sit in the parking lot after work. They bring snacks and a couple beers and just de-stress. But the horse is closed and they don't have anywhere to pee! Peeing goes w beer! I start thinking.... I have a trailer w a bathroom. I'll take it up there and even cook them some Burgers. It can be like the good ole days for them.... They can eat... Drink and pee! I call the Horse and ask if it is Ok to set up in their parking lot and cook for the nurses. They get all excited and say sure! The horse don't open till 11am for takeout but the owners were there early because they knew we were coming. They met us and donated two cases of beer to the cause!! I thought it was incredibly nice of them to let us use their parking lot and Donate beer! And they were genuinely happy to do it too! Sooooo....thanks to the Whitehorse for being a business that cares about their customers even if the customers aren't buying a damn thing that day!! And thank you for our nurses too!

Rick, you are AMAZING. Thank you for doing something wonderful for these healthcare workers, and thank you to the White Horse Tavern for supporting Rick AND the nurses, even when you can't open. Love the Flint community!

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