Downtown Flint has been coming back to life over the last decade, from new businesses to the great events.  In fact, the skyline has changed a lot with the demolition of the Genesee Towers and the renovation of the Weather Ball.

Another change coming to Flint goes into effect this weekend, and you may see a lot less kids enjoying the holiday fun.  WNEM reports that unaccompanied minors have a new curfew.  Children under the age of 17 who aren't with an adult will have to avoid areas where special events are taking place from 6:00pm the day of the event until 6:00am the following morning.

But again, this new curfew only applies to special events in the city of Flint.  Violators of this special events curfew will cause their parents of legal guardians to get slapped with a $250 fine.  Officials have been talking about a special events curfew since a fight shut down Back To The Bricks early in 2011.

Do you think this new curfew will work to reduce crime and disruptions at special events?  Do you think it will be difficult to enforce?


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