Flint community schools had to move to remote learning this week due to a rise in covid-19 cases, but they haven't forgotten about providing meals for families in need.

I love stuff like this, growing up in poverty, free meals were critical in my survival as a child. There were days like the weekend in which I had no idea where my next meal is coming from because I wasn't in school. I would often look forward to going back to school the following week just to have a decent meal. So when I see programs like this, it makes me realize how important the food at school really is.

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 Families can pick up two days of meals which includes breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner on Wednesday, January 5th and three days of breakfast and lunch and two days of snack and dinner on Friday, January 7th inside the following school buildings from 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The list


  • Durant-Tuuri-Mott

  • Eisenhower

  • Freeman

  • Holmes STEM

  • Neithercut

  • Northwestern

  • Pierce

  • Potter

  • Southwestern Academy

Source: NBC25.com 

Take advantage of these programs while you can. Who knows how the rest of 2022 will play out. These recent spikes in covid-19 cases might have us off to a rocky year. Food prices are already outta control and feeding a family nowadays is crazy expensive, especially if you live below the poverty line. This is why I salute Flint Community Schools for the massive effort in keeping our kids fed.

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