Last fall an aging mob member, Tony Zerilli, claimed in several interviews that he has knowledge of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Then the story quietly went away.

Until now. Breaking news in Detroit has the FBI exploring a rural Oakland Township site.

Last September, Tony Zerilli, an ex-mob member in his mid 80's, claimed that he had knowledge of the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa's remains. Mr. Zerilli maintains that Hoffa's body is buried in a rural Oakland Township field, roughly 20 miles north of the restaurant where he was last seen on July 30, 1975.

Several Detroit news sources are now confirming that the FBI has set up an incident command center and yellow-taped a vacant field east of Adams Road, just north of Orion Road, roughly 45 miles north of Detroit. Land records have been uncovered that indicate that a suspected mob boss, Joe Tocco, and his family owned property in the vicinity of this latest dig site at one time.


Watch a live stream of the dig site here.

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