A Mundy Township resident is a little rattled after a bizarre encounter yesterday, and rightfully so. A red van pulled into her driveway with two men inside. One of the men, who had a large build, got out and walked on to her porch, but didn't knock or ring the doorbell. The homeowner opened her door and the man seemed shocked that there was someone home. He tried to hand her a yellow card that read "Benzo LCC".

She asked the man what he was doing there, and he replied, "Saying Hello." She asked what kind of business he was selling to which he replied, "Making people happy." She said she wasn't interested, so the man turned and walked away.

Once he was in the van, the two men sped away without stopping at any other houses in view. That definitely hits a 10 on my Weird-O-Meter! Has anything like this happened in your neighborhood? Have you seen two suspicious men in this van in the Mundy Township area?


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