Have you ever gotten a text from a number you don't know, and it's someone who claims to know you? Sure we get new phones and lose numbers over time which is understandable. But this literally sent chills down my spine.

I saw a post on Facebook from a woman named Dana, an old high school friend of mine. She was warning her friend about a very strange, very scary text.  One of her former co-workers from more than a decade ago messaged her about a text she had received from Dana. What's interesting is that Dana has never texted this person... EVER!!!

Dana via Facebook
Dana via Facebook

Here's where it gets scary. The Dana imposter claimed to have an extra ticket to this Sunday's Detroit Lions game at Ford Field. On top of that, the real Dana is in fact going to this Sunday's game!

The number that the text came from is (248) 793-1756. A reverse phone directory shows the number as a landline in Ortonville, operated by Local Exchange Carriers of Michigan, Inc. I tried calling the number, and got a strange sounding voice mail message. Listen to it by clicking the audio player below.

Dana has informed me that the police have been notified of the situation, but that doesn't answer any questions or make this less scary. Obviously, it wouldn't be hard for someone to hide among the fans at a major sporting event.

It's sad that these days that it seems you can't trust anyone or anything, not even a text from an old friend. Can you help us shed some light on this bizarre... Scam? Threat? Harassment? I don't really even know what to call this!  Has anything similar happening to you or anyone you know? Anything at all would be helpful. Just use the comments section below.


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