Have you noticed cartoon characters popping up all over Facebook?  Your friends' pictures have been replaced by Fred Flintstone, Olive Oyl, and Betty Boop.  Its origin isn't clear, but many have urged friends to change their profile pictures to a favorite cartoon character, or a cartoon character from their past, as a way of raising awareness of child abuse and neglect.

And then the rumors started.  The news spread quickly that pedophiles were behind the movement, in order to make children feel more comfortable, and therefore become vulnerable, on Facebook.  Relax.  Hoax-Slayer, That's Nonsense and Snopes have all reported that it's just a hoax.

There is a rumor started yesterday on Facebook and in the blogs that the cartoon character profile picture swap on Facebook (read the original report) was invented by a pedophile group in order to have children be more relaxed in accepting unknown friends.

Another rumor says that Facebook will terminate the account of anyone that continues to use a cartoon character as their profile picture.

There is also no link from child-abuse or child-violence prevention groups to the movement urging Facebook users to change their profile pictures.

Feel free to personify yourself as Marge, Lois or Shaggy, without fear of promoting pedophilia.  I'll go with George Jetson for the time being.

via:  Washington Examiner