There's lots of activity in Downtown Flint these days. Nearly 1,000,000 bricks are being replaced on Saginaw Street for the first time in nearly 100 years. New restaurants opening, new businesses moving in (like Genesee County's only bartending school and Spectacular Spudz new digs and a new YMCA project to start soon. Plus, the first State Park in Genesee County will start construction this year... in Downtown Flint.

Some spots are moving, too. Like the Downtown Flint Secretary of State. As long as I can remember the Secretary of State has been located next to the post office downtown on Saginaw Street.

Where is the Downtown Secretary of State located now?

Starting in May, the current location will close on May 5th according to ABC 12. The new location will be located at 310 East Third Street in Downtown Flint. It'll be about a week between the closing of the old location and opening of the new spot. So, plan to use another Genesee County Branch during that time.

Will the new Downtown Flint Secretary of State location be bigger?

In short, yes. Larger lobby, free parking, more counters to serve customers and a self service station to name a few of the improvements. Free parking is the highlight here, IMO. Why should we pay for parking when we're already paying for another state/government service? Seems like double dipping.

The new downtown Secretary of State location will open May 15th.

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