Talk about going above and beyond! 

Dan T. Brown, a Consumers Energy directional bore operator from New Lothrop, was in the right place at the right time during not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different emergencies in the last year.

The first one occurred near Houghton Lake when two kayaks flew off a trailer and caused another car to flip over. He not only cleared the kayaks from the road but also helped two women and two children out of the car.

The second emergency happened when he was returning his vehicle after an appointment - he saw a car on fire with a passenger trapped inside. He managed to get the woman out of the car and away from the fire.

The third, believe it or not, was at DISNEYWORLD - he saw a 6-year-old girl hit her head at the beach. She was bleeding and people just walked past her, so he tried to stop the bleeding until somebody brought some napkins and she was reunited with her parents.

The fourth was at a Flint restaurant - he and his wife were eating dinner when the man next to them started choking. He performed the Heimlich and managed to dislodge a piece of chicken from the man's throat.

He attributes his first aid training, which is mandatory for Consumers employees. Better hope this guy is around if YOU get in trouble!

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