The massive construction project on I-69 is moving along, but that isn't necessarily good news for those traveling East.

We have been used to westbound 69 being slow during peak hours for a while now, so naturally, its time to switch directions for the construction project. According to ABC12, the plan is to shift the two westbound lanes back to that side of the expressway. That shift should happen on Thursday. Those of us traveling eastbound will have a couple more days before eastbound traffic is shifted to the westbound side.

The good news is the ramps to and from Hammerburg Rd will reopen. The other good news is that this switch means the construction project is half done.

When MDOT moves eastbound traffic to the westbound side, ramps to northbound and southbound 75 will be closed from westbound 69. The detour will take you Bristol road.

If you are like me you have figured out the best way to get to and from work with the current construction. I take eastbound 69 to work but take back roads home because I don't want to get stuck in traffic. I will have to switch up my daily routes this week.

The best news of all is that the project is on track for completion in November, weather pending of course.

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