The "Hurt Feelings Report" handed out by head coach Pat Lynch before a high school playoff game contained homophobic and sexist language, such as "I am a queer," and "I am a pussy."

And although Lynch has resigned as head coach and weight room supervisor, he remains employed at Buffalo High School in Wyoming as - get this - a guidance counselor!

Superintendent Dr. Rod Kessler told the Casper Star Tribune, “We’re going to work with Pat and have him continue doing the good things he was doing prior to this mistake. Our hope is that we can mend things we need to mend and gain back the trust and get the reputation that he needs to gain back as a professional.”

Lynch has submitted a letter of apology to the school board, but parents are upset that his apology was not directed at the kids.

Should Lynch remain on the faculty as a guidance counselor? Take a look at the survey he handed to his players before you decide.

In the "Hurt Feelings Report" Lynch asked the players to list the reason for his hurt feelings, and gave the following options:

  • “I am a queer”
  • "I am thin-skinned"
  • "I am a cry-baby"
  • "I want my mommy"
  • “I am a pussy”
  • “I am a little b***h”
  • “I have woman-like hormones”
  • "My butt is easily hurt"
  • "All of the above"

It also asks for the name of the “little sissy filing report” and his “girly-man signature,” plus the “real-man signature” of the person accused of causing hurt feelings.

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