The House is finally back in session in Lansing, and Todd Courser is back at work. Courser defended his record yesterday to WNEM TV5 News, saying, "I was elected, I took an oath. I said I would vote against more taxes and more spending. I'm for protecting our constitutional liberties and freedoms."

He said that the only reason he created the cover-up for himself was because he was being blackmailed. It has also affected his family, but he says he is committed to staying with them and working it out. Cindy Gamrat, on the other hand, had no comment. Over the weekend, Courser released this statement on his Facebook page:  


My lack of righteousness does not negate God’s righteousness – In all of this – it is nothing short of a massive...

Posted by Todd Courser on Saturday, August 15, 2015


What do you think of this whole situation? Should he step down? Personally, I don't give a lick about his personal life. People have affairs every day. Doesn't make it right, but it also doesn't make it any of our business. However, the public cover-up and the hypocrisy gets under my skin. What about you?

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