Season 10 begins tonight, and it's certainly no coincidence that a new book about the most-successful reality show of all time hit the stores yesterday.



It's been called a must-read book for fans of the show; breaking down everything from Paula Abdul and Crystal Bowersox's antics, Simon's influence over the years, and reveals scoop you've never heard before.

Author and journalist Richard Rushfield dishes the truth about the voting process, reveals some of the rivalries and back-stage meltdowns, and even scores an interview with Brian Dunkleman, in American Idol, The Untold Story.

From TV Squad's interview with the author:

Well, you know, as a fan of the show myself, I just know what a roller coaster ride it is every year, and I wanted to first of all capture that roller coaster ride and, you know, write a book that really creates the great adventure of every season. And I also wanted to be able to give people a sense of what was really going on, which is that a lot of times there was more than met the eye.

Check out the rest of the interview, and exclusive videos here.

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American Idol, Season 10 begins tonight at 8:00 on Fox 66, WSMH.

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