To say that I'm a little nervous about repelling down the Durant in Downtown Flint, might be the understatement of the year.

I know this might sound a little weird to some, but the idea of stepping over the edge of the Durant rooftop is fairly terrifying to me. Luckily Over The Edge is used to dealing with scaredy cats like myself, and have taken just about every safety precaution necessary. Putting my fear of heights behind me is a little easier though considering that it will help out a great organization here in Genesee County.  The Disability Network works year round to make sure that people living with disabilities in our area get the same opportunities everyone else gets.

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Why am I repelling off of The Durant if I'm scared of heights?

That's a question I asked myself a lot after I agreed to do it. I even drove to The Durant shortly after signing up, just to see if it's as high up as I imagined. Guess what . . . it is.

Luckily motivation to overcome my fears is not hard to find when you consider where the money raised is going. The quote on my fundraising page explains how important the work that The Disability Network does perfectly.

TDN values people by supporting those with disabilities in their goals to live their best lives. They do this through independent living skills development, a goal that will lead to meaningful employment, empowerment to advocate for oneself and fostering connections with peers for people with disabilities.

I'm scheduled to go over the edge Friday at 5pm, so please come down and make fun of how much my legs are shaking on the way down. You can listen to Lisa and I talking to Joel Feick about going over the edge below.

I'll post the video as soon as I get it, and you can check out the Cars 108 Facebook for some live video of me getting ready to go over the edge.

The donation page will be active for a week or two after the event, so please donate whatever you can here. Thank you!

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