After months of hype, Cedar Point's new Top Thrill 2 roller coaster has been closed indefinitely, just days after its debut.

Why Has Cedar Point Closed Top Thrill 2?

Over the weekend, the park announced on its social media channels that Top Thrill 2 was being closed. The May 12, 2024 post states that Zamperla (the ride's manufacturer) "will be completing mechanical modifications to the ride's vehicles."

The post goes on to say that once the modifications are complete, a team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection and review of the ride before it can be cleared to reopen.

Cedar Po8int was unable to pinpoint a date for when it expected the ride to reopen but said it would keep guests up to speed on its website.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Hey, if I'm going to strap in and go for a ride at an amusement park, I want to know that the coasters are safe. It took a lot of convincing for my kids to get me on the original Top Thrill Dragster - but once they did I loved it.

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Will this setback make you think twice about riding Top Thrill 2? Knowing that Cedar Point is diligent about safety, I'll have no problem hopping on board once the park has cleared it for takeoff.

Cedar Point's Highly Anticipated New Roller Coaster

News that the Sandusky theme park would be unveiling a replacement for its shuttered Top Thrill Dragster broke in August of 2023, although there was a great deal of speculation from coaster enthusiasts prior to the official announcement.

Click here to see the promotional video released last year.

Top Thrill 2 has been billed as the tallest and fastest roller coaster on earth, reaching 420 feet in the air, with speeds up to 120 miles per hour.

Top Thrill 2 Replaces Top Thrill Dragster

Cedar Point shuttered Top Thrill Dragster in the summer of 2021 after a woman from Swartz Creek, Michigan was struck on the head by a piece of debris from the coaster.

Her family claims she suffered permanent injuries and filed a lawsuit against Cedar Point's parent company Cedar Fair in 2023.


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