Kudos for being so selfless, Troop 160!

I was driving in downtown Flint yesterday and noticed a scarf, tied to a tree. Didn't think much of it - kinda like a pair of shoes, hanging over a power line. You see those things sometimes. But then, I saw more. And I looked closer.

The scarves all had little tags on them that said, "I'm not lost! Please take me with you if you are cold. Stay warm. Love, Troop 160, Burton, MI"

We did a Good News story about this happening in Saginaw, and it's so nice to see the trend spread down here in Genesee County!

Oh the irony - I was paying for parking and, while I was typing in my license plate, a homeless man came up to me, asking for money. He said he was just trying to stay warm. As evidenced by the $1 I had to pay with my debit card, I didn't have any cash - but I did direct him to take one of the scarves on the trees.

Kudos again, Burton Boy Scout Troop 160!

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