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The Cars 108 Pine Wood Derby Racer The Look Of A Winner!
I put my Pine Wood Derby racer together last night at Thomas Appliance in Grand Blanc. It's free to kids 18 and under.  Yea I know I'm not 18, they made a special exception for me because I started to act up.
You can get yours there this afternoon starting at five.
Boy Scouts Sporting Full Beards Are Kind of Creepy [PHOTOS]
The purpose of the new series of print ads from Boy Scouts of America is to convey how scouting skills can transform youngsters from boys into full-bearded men.
However, there is something unsettling about seeing beards that would make Kimbo Slice or Zach Galifianakis jealous on the faces of boys sti…
Flower Power To Help Boy Scouts
Pretty far out, man.  Local Boy Scouts are depending on "Flower Power" to earn money to send Scouts to camp this summer.  Scouts will be selling plants and bulbs to earn their way to camp.