The Bentley Community School district is the first in our area to add school days to its school calendar in order to make up for an excessive number of weather days this year.

Other districts are likely to follow suit.

In a letter to parents, Bentley Superintendent Kristy Spann explained that the district will add one day onto the end of the school year on June 14th. The district is also canceling a  planned day off on April 22nd. Spann noted that additional weather days will result in more days being added on to the school year.

Michigan schools are granted six days to accommodate bad weather. Most districts in Mid-Michigan exceeded that number just in the last two weeks. Schools have the availability of applying for a waiver which would grant three additional days which would not have to be made up.

According to WJRT, Democratic State Sen. Jim Ananich from Flint is proposing a new state law that would exempt snow days from counting against schools during a State of Emergency. Governor Whitmer declared a State of Emergency last week due to the extreme cold that swept across Michigan.

The proposal is in its early stages as Ananich says he is also considering drafting a proposal which would relieve Michigan schools of all snow days incurred so far this year because the weather has been so extreme.




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