Beecher Community Schools will be switching to remote learning on Monday, January 24th.

The Beecher Community School system has announced the return to virtual learning starting on Monday, January 24th, 2022. This announcement was made by Superintendent Richard Klee on Wednesday night. Obviously, the choice to switch was based on the rise in COVID-19 numbers in Genesee County.

How long will the Beecher schools be switched to remote learning?

Starting on Monday, January 24th, Beecher Community Schools return to remote learning. As of now, students will be learning from home until Tuesday, February 1st. For this 10-day period, the students will follow their regular school schedule online. All student classes are accessible on any cell phone or computer if the student does not have a Chromebook.

What other school districts have switched to all remote learning?

As of right now, Beecher Community Schools are only the third group of schools in Genesee County to switch to all remote learning. The other two districts are Flint Community Schools and Grand Blanc Community Schools. Flint has not given a date as to when students will return to the classroom. Grand Blanc is set to return to the classrooms on January 25th currently.

Source: Beecher Community Schools

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