I know he's a symbol of everything our great country stands for. But what do you do when he makes his home in your back yard?

In Sebewaing, Michigan Tami Bieri is fed up. Ever since the young animal made his presence known in their back yard. Bieri says the bird that her daughter named "Derrick" has been terrorizing her pets. Now Bieri wants something done to evict the newest feathered resident. But so far, she says she's not getting much help.

He's federally protected. Tami has called the DNR, the Sebewaing police, and they pretty much say there's nothing they can do because the eagle's not injured.  Michigan Department of Natural Resources bird experts say the most important thing residents around here can do is to let Derrick know he's not welcome

Here's how they recommend you do that. Clap your hands and yell at the bird when you see the bird around, bang on a pot when you see the bird around, go out there with an umbrella, flap the umbrella opened and closed to try and spook the bird off just so it doesn't feel settled around people. Are you sure? This is a bird of prey. More in the video.

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