Not everyday you get to see a baby Bald Eagle called an 'Eaglet'. You can here. Dozens of bald eagles call the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge home. When a young eagle was spotted recently in a nest there, she was scheduled for a medical check-up. It's not easy to give an eaglet a physical. For starters, the "waiting room" is a nest about 70 feet above ground. Even though U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist Jeremy Moore is a certified tree climber, it took him nearly an hour to reach the young patient.

He gently placed the eaglet in a cloth bag and lowered it to the ground where two other biologists began the physical exam. All the time, two parents perched in a nearby tree, keeping an eye on their offspring. "They're not defensive birds. They don't attack. So it's hard to gauge how upset they are. This pair was particularly calm," said Dave Best, a retired biologist who volunteered for Thursday's research project.

There are a lot of eagles around,  and you're seeing more and more eagles throughout Michigan and particularly southern Michigan. Watch the cool video.

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